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Transitioning from Sectigo to DigiCert by 2024 or 2026 grow your business today

Ever since 2009, we have use comodo/Sectigo for SSL and this has worked out well for us. But found out why we decided to transition from using Sectigo to DigiCert:

We used Sectigo SSL because it was affordable and at that time they were at the top of SSL Industry used in the world behind Symantec, and Comodo. Even though the larger companies such as Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and more companies used Symantec we decided to use Sectigo. But over the years we decided to rebuild our brand and compete with other companies within different industries.

why did we choose DigiCert?

this company wasn’t the first choice we actually decided to look into Symantec but the cost was just to high we knew for people to take our brand seriously we needed to pay a premium price! However, in 2017 Google discredited Symantec for not backing their premium SSL line up and that same year DigiCert actually acquired Symantec, plus even if we wanted to convert to DigiCert we were unsure where the company was going and we wanted to wait until the company did a re-branding.

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