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Amazing deals online in 2022


In 2020 a lot of people have cut the cord two cable TV switch over to streaming services and movie theaters has also been taking a hit. And due to Covid-19 and everyone who is working from home has been streaming a lot. And there is no telling when the pandemic will end or if I ever end.

People are relocating and moving from the big city to different areas. When the Internet so demanding and everyone is streaming from home at once and your favorite TV shows are being removed from Netflix, Hulu, and other platforms to streaming platforms such as disney+, CBS All Access, HBO Max, and new streaming services popping up left and right!


Back in 2020 DNRS Records,  Entertainment, LLC created a new division called A1 mail media LLC. A1 mail media is the companies newest media division that will handle Amazing Deals, A1 mail for e-commerce, and any media related companies. That way all of the companies can be separated. Amazing deals was supposed be released. In the summer of 2023 but due to the pandemic and movies and TV shows that are not on streaming services now your favorite TV shows and movies will be all in one place. And amazing deals will now be released in 2021 with some amazing TV shows and movies already added to the site! New TV shows and movies I added frequently!


With everything that is going on I hope that amazing deals Will bring everyone’s TV shows and movies to one place instead of paying for streaming services and buying what’s not on the streaming services on iTunes, eBay, and Amazon.

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