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About Us

What we do

Our Story

Back in 2009 I decided to open up a unique entertainment company that would help recording artists,  new talent, and people save time and money with different services in the entertainment industry!

Over the years we have changed and re-designed our business from the ground up to provide a unique services to everyone that we help.

And unlike other entertainment companies we do not turn away unsolicited material meaning if you want to  sign to  one of our services especially in the entertainment industry please don’t be shy and reach out and we will help you the best that we can!

Why we are different

We don’t just help you make money we will be with you every step of the way from start to finish because we understand that it can be scary jumping into something new.

We have been in business over 12 years and we have seen things that help people and we have seen things that make people’s careers crash and burn!

Why we are different

Super Efficient

extremely efficient producing desired effects with very little or no waste a superefficient housekeeper It developed a superefficient manufacturing method … that relentlessly roots out waste and builds in quality.

Deeply Commited

deeply/strongly/firmly committedHe was deeply committed to his faith. passionately/fiercely committed in a way that you feel very strongly. We are all passionately committed to our work in Africa.

Highly Skilled

highly skilled, very proficient or expert at something? Try the adjective adept! ... Although an adept person today cannot turn lead into gold, the adjective is still high praise meaning "skilled, expert, highly proficient."

Deshun Nick Rupert

Deshun Nicholas Rupert


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